Monday, April 10, 2017

Karnival - Variety Show

Las Vegas, a 24 hour town that has anything and everything you can think of, with some of the best underground talent you will ever want to see.

Take a Saturday night (April 8, 2017) for example; last minute event invite and message from the fabulous and amazing producer Miz Charlamay of Karnival! Variety show.  This Variety show casts amazing talent from Las Vegas, nationally and internationally. "The show celebrates burlesque, Boylesque and circus artistry from around the world";  and my favorite part?  There was no cover!  What!?  

Karnival's old home was at the Onyx Theater and now resides at the off beaten path of Charlie's Bar on Arville Street.  

When you first pull into the parking lot of Charlie's Bar you have a mini panic attack due to being in an industrial strip complex and wonder, what did I get myself into; but your panic quickly turns into excitement and wonder as you enter the big space, (it's bigger on the inside).  It definitely has a western theme with a Disco ball and disco cowboy boots hanging from the ceiling.   With music pumping loudly from the speakers, a huge dance floor and the best drink prices I've paid in a long time.

I immediately saw some awesome friends (Bananas Foster, Veronica Manhattan) within the burlesque community waiting for the show to begin Promptly at 9:30pm.  I went directly up front and sat next to a bail of hay along side Sin City Pearl - love this woman! (did I mention Western themed).

No more than 5 minutes into getting situated and drink in hand did the show start with the amazing comedic and EmCee works of Ginger Grant who rocked, by the way.  Just so ya'll know you won't be disappointed when seeing a show with all that fabulousness hosting.

The First performance:  Pistol Holliday

Viva La Muerta: Love this woman!

Meka La Creme came next.  What a beautiful performance.  I absolutely fell in love with her outfit and dance moves.


Well you will just have to see her for yourself for the big reveal.

More Ginger Grant.  Oh do I love her. 

The next performance blew my mind with fun innovation.  Nadia Latte as a Jelly Fish!  I had to adjust my camera pretty quickly to capture the amazing outfit she concocted for this number. 

Ekaterina was next.  She is an Awesome performance artist who performs in Cirque Du Soleil on the strip.  I just adored her and her metal contraption in which she had us all watching in anticipation. 

And Spinning and spinning
Unfortunately, I missed the last act Rushlan Kushinov who did this amazing acrobatic balancing act.

Banana Fosters (left), Viva La Muerta (M), Sin City Pearl (R)

Bananas Fosters (L), tag yourself, Christian and Sin City Pearl

Veronica Manhattan and Sin City Pearl loving on some of this hottness

I highly recommend looking for the next Karinval! Variety show; Every 2nd Saturday of of the month.  Each month is a different adventure in talent. 
You find wonder in the underground.
Until next time!
"There will always be an Underground" Chuck Palahniuk

Saturday, April 8, 2017

The First post to what I hope to be a project (from the heart) that takes a life of its own.

This has been a project in my head for years now and having 5 other things on my plate has stopped me from proceeding with documenting the amazing underground talented world that is out there.  Whether it is a local band in the most diviest bar or a reoccurring show that no one quite hears about; I want to be there to cover it and motivate you to get up off of your couches and see the world.

These posts might start out slowly.  One a month; however I want to start bringing the Underground Showcase live to you.  Live feeds, articles, photos; sharing with you the world I love to explore.

See you on the flip side.